Monday, October 8, 2007

A Suprise!

So today my call team was working - obviously since we were at work. My supervisor had been gone for two weeks and today was her first day back so we were all really striving to do our best and make her proud ya know. Then we're sitting at our little cubicle/desks and she tell us all to "Get off the phone right now. If your talking to someone tell them you'll call back later."

So we were all really really apprehensive about what was going on and scared that we were in trouble or something. Then our manager and my supervisors boss comes up and talks to her more (they'd been in a meeting before she came out and told us to stop calling). So then we go in one of the big offices and like sitting there, all staring at each other like scared/unsure puppies. Our manager Mr. Hart popped his head in and just said "I'm proud of you guys, your truely awesome." Then we sat there for awhile before Ms. Skirving my supervisor *finally* tells us whats up. Turns out, my call team and another one of the teams from Global Expeditions Call Center Promotions (where we work) had been temporarly put on a different calling job. So for the rest of October we will be working as Aquire the Fire callers. We'll be calling youth pastors everyday and signing them up to go to our ATF events. It's really weird. We have to switch shifts too. I'm B shift right now - basically everyone i know on campus is B shift - we really don't get to see A shifter's that often because they work mornings B shift works afternoon and nights. So now we are going to be A shift as well. So that means waking up in the morning before all my roommates and leaving for work before they do! So we probably won't be seeing much of each other for the rest of October...sadly. We'll see each other at nights of course in the room, but that's basically it. But it's pretty exciting. Like, these two teams were hand picked out of all the call centers on this campus. ATF is really struggling, events aren't getting sold, seats are empty and the season has just started. So they've recruited (i totally ruined the spelling of that) us to help fill the seats and call more youth pastors and pastors everyday. I feel blessed. Like, i know God has called us to switch our jobs temporarily for a reason. Something great is going to happen, we just have to be obedient and let Him do His thing! lol But yea, nevertheless it's going to be difficult so prayers are definately appreciated and welcomed! We're going to have to be trained tomorrow on how to call for ATF. So i'll be facing the world at 9am instead of ....gosh i think we had class at 12 yesterday so i wouldn't have had to get up for awhile! Tuesdays are usually sleeping in days for B shifters!

But yea anyhow - i wanted to share my exciting news with you all. It will be a journey - i can't wait to see what's at the end of the road!


(sorry no time to proof read or spell check - gotta get to bed!!!)

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Time for an update?

Well since i've done justice in neglecting my poor blog - i've decided to spend some quality time just to update it.

Life has been pretty good lately. Time seems to be going by so fast, yet at the same time days drag on for hours. I'm so excited for mama, daddy and the girls to be here next weekend! You have no idea how excited i am for that! So i'll get to stay with them at the hotel all weekend long. My roommates and core mates are all going to be in Houston having quality time down there, and i will be livin it up with the fam.

We have intramural sports here at the Honor Academy. Right now it's football season! Well, flag football. But it's so much fun! I haven't been able to play because of my knees, but it's fun watching too. Our brother core plays, and then my whole RD group is a team as well. We're called TPS (The Pilgrim Society). Everyone calles us the Toilet Paper Sisters though...:( lol how sad. It's funny because TPS is so hardcore - they've done amazing. We've won everygame so far. But yea, it's so much fun to get into the games and put on face paint, wear the teams colors and scream like a fool.
But that's it for the sports side of intern life.

Work is going well. I got my very first application the other day. I was so stinking pumped. I get a lot of people "wanting" to go but no one has ever been like "I don't care about anything else, i know i'm called to go to this country so i'm going." And i got a girl like that Friday afternoon, so she'll be going to Autralia for a month next July!

I helped out with the 1 and 2 year olds at church this morning. It was pretty great, but i'll admit - i missed being in the actual service. The church i go to is called CCF - Community Christian Fellowship. It's the church that Paul Baloche leads worship at. You may not know his name, but i'm sure you've heard and sung his songs before. "Above All", "Open the Eyes of My Heart", just to name a few - plus he's won a Dove award before. So yea, i love the worship at CCF. It's not like it's a big church's kind of small actually. I know a lot of interns don't like going there because soooo many interns DO go there, or they don't like the services - but it fits me perfectly so i'm going to stick with it!

I haven't been able to put pictures up very often. My computer at work only lets me put like a few pictures on the hardrive before it freezes up. So my roommate Savanah put all the pictures on her laptop and we put all of them on the internet yesterday. So feel free to check them out whenever you feel like it. We'll be putting pictures on this site all year round so if you're ever bored, with nothing to do, check our photo album out!

Mama and Daddy are bringing my laptop when they come so i'll really be able to bombard ya'll with pictures! Thank you Jesus! I miss being on good computers. Not that the office comps aren't good...they just stink when it comes to pictures and such.

I'm not sure if we're going to be doing anything right now... i really feel like going to the sno cone shop and watching a movie or something, or maybe i'll read. I'm not quite sure. What i *am* sure of though is that i LOVE the weekends!!! They just end to soon!


Check out Paul Baloche's website -


Thursday, September 27, 2007


Well, where do i begin?

The last two days i've spent in the hospital trying to get my knees taken care of. At the persuading of my mama and roommates i missed class and work yesterday afternoon and spent the day at the Mother Frances Hospital Regional Health Care Center, ER in Tyler. I had my roommates Katee and Savanah with me. It was pretty cool. Everyone has been super nice and understanding, beds were comfy, nice air conditioning, plus i got to watch my favorite show ever....REBA! Ah, that was nice.

So as it turns out, i have a staff infection in both knees and in the heels of my feet. So i was put on a very high dosage of antibiotics and was told to come back the next morning for wound care "whirlpool treatment".

So this morning Katee and i leave campus at 8, get to the hospital at 9 for my wound care stuff. I get to be pushed around in a wheelchair a bit, which was pretty cool. This morning my knees and my right heel especially were just throbbing and aching. ah, it hurt so bad. But back to the hospital stuff. They ended up having to like scrub off all the dirt (that still has yet to come off) off of my legs and feet. Then they doctor like took scrubbers and tweezers and like plucked away all the skin around my knee wounds and pulled the scabs off my heels. Oh my hurt so bad! lol. Then i told the doctor that i'd been feeling really sick as of the last 2 days. My throat was getting swollen, i had lymph nodes swelling up and aching, headaches, fever. So she decided to run some tests on me. So i had to get 5 vials of blood drawn. They think i may have mono. :S Not fun. I've been coughing like the dickens all day.

Anyhow - right now is supper break and yes i'm skipping it to update you all on my life.

I got pictures from the hospital so i'll put those up sometime. I have to go back to the hospital on Monday morning, and they're calling me with my test results tomorrow sometime. Hopefully all's well.

But yea, right now i'm pretty good. My knees are really aching and throbbing, but other than that i can't complain. My poor mama is having it rough though. I miss her! I was sitting in the lab waiting room with Katee this morning and all the sudden i was like ......."i want my mommy....." Katee's like "don't start crying now!" and then she looks over and i already was. lol

Ah, i'm emotional right now! lol

More updates later!

FYI: incase you were wondering how i got my knees all nasty it was from ESOAL on the very first day when i had to low crawl the football field once. My capri's rode up and didn't offer any protection for my legs. Then for the whole rest of ESOAL they just had to be in all that nasty mud and junk got infected.

My feet have still been getting swollen. They'll get all poofy, i call them my ogre feet. It's weird they'll get all tingly like they're asleep, even though all i'll be doing at the time is sitting normal on the floor or whatever. It's never done that before, so hopefully the doctors get it all good and taken care of!! :)

Love you all,


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

This is the night i die....

Oh my gosh - so i'm completely nerve racked right now. Tonight we all have to be ASLEEP on the football field by midnight - if you aren't asleep (or faking it really well) you will pay the consequences. So yea, i've still got to pack a bit. Memorize like crazy. Clean our room. And even though it sounds completely strange - i want to take a shower. I feel so dirty i haven't showered in two days. Like i set my alarm off really early and the past two days i've forgotten to take it off silent so...the alarm goes off but i don't hear it.

Any how - one HUGE request to ask all of you. Please whenever you think of me, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be praying. It's going to be extremely tough mentally, physcally, spiritually and emotionally. So yea, everyone in my platoon told each other we wouldn't let one another ring out before the end end of ESOAL. They said the this is called the legendary year because they're throwing allllll new stuff in and it's going to be insane pretty Like this year they have the people in your company/platoon in your family core as well. So everyone in my plat. are my brothers and sisters and coremates.
Anyways. i'm like experiencing a whirlwind of emotions right now - i feel like barfing but other than that God is amazing and it's going to be an amazing couple days until Sunday - when ESOAL is going to be over...Lord knows when on Sunday...but it will be over.

Love you all!!!!!


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Emotionally Stretching Opportunity of A Lifetime

Well, ESOAL officially begins Thursday morning at 3:30am. No one is for sure when it will end, longest ESOAL was 90 hours. I'm a bit uneasy about it... It's going to be intense! lol. But in a weird sick and twisted way i'm looking forward to it. I'm especially looking forward to it being over. ESOAL marks the end of Orange Block, which means, texting whenever i want, eating sugar, listinging to music other than worship, and corporate excercise only once a week. Orange block really wasn't that bad, but i will look forward to texting my mama whenever i want to. I really missed doing that.

So for more info on ESOAL - watch this promo video

I'm going to sign off and go to bed. yea, 10:19 and i'm super ready for bed. My whole room slept until 4:30PM on saturday well Alaura woke up a bit earlier than me and Katee, and Savanah slept later than 4:30. Oh well, it was an amazing sleeping opportunity. Then afterwards the girls in my room and some of our brothers went snipe hunting. lol

Love ya'll
Talk to you soon

Saturday, September 15, 2007

This would happen to be my new favorite song.

So we sing this song alll the time during worship here at Teen Mania, but i'm glad because i LOVE it. It's my new favorite song, i'd never heard of it before HA. So yea, it's called Mighty to Save and Hillsong sings it.

Everyone needs compassion
A love that's never failing
Let mercy fall on me
Everyone needs forgiveness
A kindness of a Savior
The hope of nations

My Savior
He can move the mountains
My God is Mighty to save
He is Mighty to save
Author of salvation
He rose and conquered the grave
Jesus conquered the grave

So take me as You find me
All my fears and failures
Fill my life again
I give my life to follow
Everything i believe in
Now i surrender

Shine your light and let the whole world see
We're singing for the glory of the risen King...Jesus

Friday, September 14, 2007


So yea - i just got off work, it was a long day CRM the computer database we use was really slow so i only got to call like 31 people. :( sad sad . most were messages too. Welp. I'm going to peace out and hang with my core.

Better blog to come later this weekend.

I love you all! More than you'll ever know!!!!!!